Shipping policy


Security: Each shipment is individually identified and registered with a unique barcode.  

Warranties: When the shipment arrives at its destination the person who receives it must sign to receive it. If the delivery cannot be made, we will leave a notice in the mailbox with the indicated office to pick it up for 15 days.

Tracking: Check for free the tracking and control of your letter with our shipping locator.   


Damage and loss: deadlines to be able to make an incident or complaint: minimum 7 days and maximum 4 months, from the date of admission of the shipment. Compensation: total value of damaged or lost products.

Conditions: it is necessary to communicate the deterioration at the time of receipt of the shipment. Otherwise, we will consider that the shipment has been delivered in good condition and will not accept any claims.

Documents to be provided: photos of the packaging and the deteriorated contents to check the damage. 

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